LLA Pavilion Event Schedule

The Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility is hosting the LLA Pavilion, with partner ICCCAD, to raise ambition and advance action on the Eight Principles for Locally Led Adaptation, they are:

  1. Devolving decision making to the lowest appropriate level
  2. Addressing structural inequalities faced by women, youth, children, people with disabilities, people who are displaced, Indigenous Peoples and marginalized ethnic groups
  3. Providing patient and predictable funding that can be accessed more easily
  4. Investing in local capabilities to leave an institutional legacy
  5. Building a robust understanding of climate risk and uncertainty
  6. Flexible programming and learning
  7. Ensuring transparency and accountability
  8. Collaborative action and investment

Scroll the agenda below and click any event for more details. Information on LoCAL Facility events taking place at other COP27 locations is available here.

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