Offering Youth Financial and Non-Financial Services - Module V: Monitoring outcomes of a youth programme

  • October 04, 2017

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This user-friendly guide equips FSPs with the knowledge, skills and tools to apply low-cost management techniques to monitor their programmes. Speci cally, by the end of this training, participants will have

  1. De ned key terms used in LQAS and understood their application;
  2. Discussed survey techniques for collecting data in a low-cost and effcient way;
  3. Committed to random sampling and understood its importance;
  4. Practiced taking a random sample of respondents;
  5. Practiced effective interviewing, data recording, and monitoring of data collection; 6. Tabulated a sample dataset; and
  6. Practiced analysing data to identify priorities for reaching programme targets.

The specific topics to be addressed as well as the objectives of each topic are listed in the table ‘Module V: Monitoring outcomes of a youth programme—Lot quality assurance sampling.’

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