Blue Peace Financing Initiative

Our Vision

The vision of Blue Peace Financing is about promoting access to capital for non-sovereign entities by using water as an entry point for multi-stakeholder cooperation frameworks, leading to more sustainable economies and peaceful societies (peace dividend). Investing in Blue Peace supports the achievement of the SDGs while also transforming water from a potential source of crisis into an instrument of cooperation and peace.

The Blue Peace Financing Initiative is catalyst for systemic change on two levels:

1) It will change the approach and perception of the financial sector towards looking at water not as a distinct sector but as an entry-point for multisectoral, local and regional impact investment opportunity;

2) It will provide a new financial incentive for countries and sectors to cooperate and come to political agreements for a more sustainable management of shared resources, reducing social, political and economic conflicts.

The Transformation Cycle

The Blue Peace Financing Initiative starts with transforming the policy framework and regulatory of the non-sovereign entity through capacity building and technical assistance (TA).

The deliverable resulting in that transformation is the multisectoral master and joint investment plan, based on which, the non-sovereign entity issues a Blue Peace (Municipal) Bond and gets access to capital. The mobilized capital will be used for the implementation of the projects under the investment plan, including infrastructure projects. This allows the non-sovereign entity to upgrade the livelihood assets and its own creditworthiness, allowing it to scale up its capital mobilization activities. Hence, the transformation cycle of the Blue Peace Financing Initiative leads to a self-reinforcing process of mobilization public and private capital.


The Blue Peace Financing Initiative


The IMIF Technical Assistance Facility


The Blue Peace Financing Initiative

The Blue Peace Financing Initiative provides long term capacity building to the non-sovereign entity, allowing it to have access to a new form of capital (capital mobilization)

How does it work for Local Governments?

How does it work for regional non-sovereign entities?

How can you support?

Investor Community & Financial Sector

  • Invest in Blue Peace as first mover
  • Raise awareness among investors community
  • Encourage other investors community
  • Support the structuring of the financial mechanisms
  • Support structuring of de-risking mechanisms
  • Provide insurance for Blue Peace Bonds as first mover
  • Support the development of a Blue Peace Standard

The Public Sector and the International Develop

  • Invest in Blue Peace as donor
  • Invest in Blue Peace through its blended finance approach.
  • Encourage private investors to come in (at lower risk)
  • Spread the Blue Peace vision in own networks
  • Bring Blue Peace to high level political agendas and strengthen visibility
  • Support expansion of Blue Peace to new regions
  • Support capacity building of non-sovereign entities who are implementing Blue Peace Financing Initiative
  • Support the development of a Blue Peace Standard
  • Support the transformation of policy frameworks

Central Governments

  • Delegate authority to local governments and non-sovereign entities, in terms of project/masterplan development and implementation as well as mobilizing additional financial resources
  • Strengthen political support towards decentralized systems through non-sovereign entities
  • Support creation of enabling frameworks
  • Support the transformation of policy frameworks

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