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UNCDF has been present in China since 2019.

China has an impressive financial inclusion story, particularly on the digital front. The Global Centre for Financial Health hosted by UNCDF builds partnerships, shapes industry-wide conversations on financial health in China, and learn along with its partners and stakeholders.

The Global Centre for Financial Health hosted by UNCDF purposes its programming to respond to the immediate concerns of the low- and moderate-income (LMI) segment and re-shape its vision of success in projects to represent the financial resilience of the LMI segment it serve, and their abilities to rebuild their financial lives as the pandemic cedes.

UNCDF‘s work through the Global Centre for Financial Health is involved in the following:

  1. partnerships with the financial sectors in China on conversations, programming, developing and testing solutions around financial health for the said segments;
  2. research to gauge the financial health and product use/preferences; and
  3. building a community of practice in China energised by its mission to achieve digital financial inclusion and enhance the financial health of China’s LMI.

The UNCDF China team will continue technical assistance to conduct research and generate insights for partners’ projects. It will engage with other development partners and explore opportunities for collaborations particularly to create synergies in enhancing the financial health of the elderly and women in China.

MetLife Foundation generously supports the UNCDF’s Centre for Financial Health work in China.

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Beijing, China

Dr Ding Yu
Digital Economy Expert

Ni Yin
Community Associate