City Bridge Investment Facility

A partnership between UNCDF and ICLEI

Driving Urban Prosperity

Catalyzing city friendly financing for a Just and Green Future


The City Bridge Investment Facility targets the infrastructure funding shortfall in secondary cities of Developing Countries, bridging the gap by fostering a supportive city friendly financing. By leveraging diverse conditions, it aims to unlock substantial financial resources for transformative projects, driving a locally led, equitable just and sustainable green transition.

This investment facility offers a comprehensive suite of support, including technical assistance, policy advise, transaction structuring, loans, and guarantees, tailored to the needs of cities, local and regional governments. Leveraging a range of financing instruments such as the European Fund for Sustainable Development Plus (EFSD+) Sustainable City Guarantee Facility and the International Municipal Investment Fund (IMIF), alongside other city-friendly mechanisms, it ensures the most appropriate financing solutions.

Our approach involves:

  1. Deploying policy advisory, and investment officers to collaborate directly with cities, local and regional governments, identifying financial solutions and business models for transformative projects that are primed for scalability.
  2. Harnessing UNCDF investment instruments, coupled with policy and advisory support, to de-risk these models and enable their successful entry into the market.
  3. Providing robust pipeline management support to connect these transformative projects with financiers, negotiating city friendly financing packages that facilitate the scaling up of demonstration business models.

How it works

The City Bridge Investment Facility is a pioneering finance mechanism designed to attract both public and private sector capital, scaling up finance aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement to address the needs of cities, local and regional governments. With its flexible financing approach, it represents a significant step towards fostering a just and green transition and serves as a game-changer for sustainable financing at the local level.

CITY BRIDGE Investment Facility provides a direct and city friendly link between transformative projects and financial models.

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