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Investing in UNCDF: Earmarked Non Core

  • Earmarked non-core funding is currently the largest source of UNCDF’s annual income.
  • It is funding directed by donors to specific country, region, or thematic programmes.
  • For example, earmarked non-core is used for the regional programmes such as the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) or country-specific programmes such as expanding the use of mobile money in Tanzania.

UNCDF’s four window funding architecture provides maximum flexibility for contributing partners and is designed to allow robust and scaled-up programming in up to 40 LDCs:


allows strategic and integrated country presence in LDCs and supports governments in their Agenda 2030 commitments

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Last Mile Finance Trust Fund

provides the most flexible non-core resources enabling UNCDF to allocate based on its strategic priorities

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Earmarked Non-Core

is currently the largest source of UNCDF’s annual income

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LDC Investment Platform

provides seed funding to investments in LDCs, deemed too small or too risky by traditional investors

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