Participatory Mechanisms

Investing in human resources

Even if the municipal councils are constituted of elected representatives whose general level is very variable but nevertheless quite low, it is worth noting that the capacity building activities have enabled the enhancement of the team dynamic and the understanding of each person’s role in the management of the municipal institution.

Innovating to respond to the demand

The funding of local initiatives faces the incapacity of handling the demand size for funding activities generating income, to the lack of proximity and competent institutions of microfinance, the risk of non-payment related to a lack of control of the promising sectors and the weak management capacity of the promoters.

Working for the opening up

The functioning of the consultation frameworks poses real difficulties to the large municipalities due to their isolation, the distance and the expenditures necessary to reach the meeting areas.

Strengthen good governance

There is a weak resolve from the local elected representatives to play a crucial or important role in matters of subsidies towards local economic initiatives due to the risks of favoritism that it may create.

Stories from the Field