The F4F Process

The Process

The F4F approach is based on principles that are at the core of its interventions, which are:

Strengthening budget support

  • Strengthening of affected and targeted budget support through a local development fund in order to promote public and private investments for food security which take into account environmental and economical questions, gender equality and social protection.

Aligning with national policies

  • Alignment on policies and strategies for food security and decentralization.

Strengthening the local development finance channel

  • In matters of food security, F4F tries to create and strengthen existing channels in order to support the implementation of durable finance mechanisms.

Strengthening the capacities of local governments and other local institutions

  • In their functions and responsibilities in matters of food security, accordingly to the principles of good governance and by taking into account the need to adopt a holistic approach in terms of food security.

Strengthening partnerships with decentralized services

  • In their function of technical support-counselling at the production stage, funding projects' technical and financial viability and the sectoral analysis with local authorities.

Strengthening the territorial approach

  • With the objective of increasing the structural effects on the local economy, welfare services provision and the emergence or consolidation of territorial growth poles. The territorial approach is not based on a single administrative division of localities but on an analysis of economic, social, cultural facts of territories revealing the same homogeneous characteristics.

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