In Focus

Global Thematic Initiatives


supporting low-income households and micro-entrepreneurs to jump start their access to clean energy through microfinance.

Finance For Food

promoting food security and local economic development in the local space

Inclusive and Equitable Local Development

unlocking domestic capital for public and private gender-responsive infrastructure projects

Local Cross-Border Initiatives

piloting new governance and financing mechanisms to support local governments in setting up cross-border initiatives

Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility

helping governments channel global climate adaptation financing to the local level

Making Access Possible

a diagnostic and programmatic framework to expand financial access for rural individuals, and micro and small businesses


developing, piloting and scaling deposit services for low income, rural populations, particularly women

Municipal Investment Finance

increasing capacity of local governments to address urbanization challenges through financing

Mobile Money for the Poor

supporting and cooperating with banks, mobile network operators and regulators to help them reach unbanked customers

Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme

increasing the number of low-income customers who adopt formal financial services

Shaping Inclusive Finance Transformations

accelerating financial inclusion and women’s economic participation in ASEAN


increasing access to financial services for low-income youth, with an emphasis on savings and financial education

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