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Governance and Funding

UNCDF was created in 1966 by the UN General Assembly. It is an autonomous, voluntarily funded UN organization, affiliated with UNDP.

UNDP’s Executive Board serves simultaneously as UNCDF’s Executive Board. The Executive Board – formally the UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Executive Board – meets three times a year and is made up of 36 member states from regional groupings, serving on a rotational basis. Programme countries comprise roughly two thirds of the Executive Board, and donor countries one third. The Executive Board falls under the authority of the Economic and Social Council and, ultimately, the General Assembly of the UN.

UNDP’s Administrator serves simultaneously as UNCDF’s Managing Director. Authority for managing most aspects of UNCDF has been delegated to the Executive Secretary.

Much like UNDP, UNCDF receives voluntary contributions from member states or other partners. Core voluntary contributions, flexible non-core and earmarked funding make up UNCDF’s funding architecture. UNCDF’s annual funding has more than doubled in the last decade.

General Assembly ResolutionsContributions to UNCDF
GA 1521 — 15/12/19602017
GA 2042 — 08/12/1965
GA 2186 — 13/12/19662015
GA 2321 — 15/12/1967 2014
GA 3122 — 13/12/1973 2013
GA 3249 — 15/12/19742012

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