Expected Outcomes

For funding and learning partners, the Last Mile Finance Trust Fund provides a flexible vehicle for channeling resources to shared strategic priorities, and by pooling resources with other interested partners it assures learning within the community of development actors.

For partners with impact, investment or other blended finance vehicles, sharing in the learning supported by this Trust Fund can help reveal additional investment options and potential, and catalyse partnerships across a wider range of financing instruments.

In terms of efficiencies, contributions to the core and to this Trust Fund significantly reduces transaction, monitoring and oversight costs (as compared to project-by-project funding) through consolidated annual reporting and consultations regarding priorities and results achieved.

Expected outcomes include:

Greater financial inclusion through financial and non-financial services for low income populations that lead to improved access and usage particularly for women and youth; and increased access by local governments and businesses to capital financing for local infrastructure and services resulting in greater local economic development, climate resilience, food security and women’s economic empowerment.

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