Five Added Values

This Last Mile Finance Trust Fund provides a flexible vehicle for partners with UNCDF to:

  1. Address areas of critical importance for the LDCs to achieve the SDGs and graduation, where transformative financing solutions at the local level have proven capacity to leverage up to $10 or more for every $1 in ODA invested, with sustainable impact.
  2. Learn lessons together about what works, and under what conditions, around leading edge last mile finance solutions, managed risk-taking, innovation, consolidation and scale-up
  3. Provide opportunities for leverage to partners’ blended finance and other investment vehicles by identifying new markets, de-risking the local investment space, and building viable and investable project pipelines
  4. Replicate and scale up successful finance models with proven impact, such as for example on production and consumption patterns, local resilience through projects and systems that apply detailed project appraisal techniques and/or verifiable resilience building measures
  5. Engage across a focused range of themes and/or countries, including in “frontier” areas where local finance can unlock sustainable development potential, by, for example, unlocking domestic capital markets through the productive use of existing domestic resources, investing in public and private infrastructure with proven fiscal sustainability, or connecting new technologies to localities and households

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