Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL)

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LoCAL is directly supported by a team composed of a global facility manager, regional managers and project associates, referred to as the LoCAL Secretariat. The Secretariat reports to the LoCAL Board, which is made up of participating LoCAL countries. The LoCAL Board collectively set and approve the LoCAL strategy at annual meetings. This ensures that LoCAL is wholly owned and driven by least developed and developing country priorities and in-keeping with the LDC 2050 Vision.

In each region, LoCAL also benefits from the expertise and support of UNCDF regional technical advisors, monitoring officers and project associates.

At the country level, LoCAL is directly implemented by the participating country and local governments, in close collaboration with the LoCAL national technical advisor and UNCDF country team.

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