Climate vulnerability: The Gambia’s fragile economic and social profile makes it particularly vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather events. The Gambia’s economy is highly reliant on subsistence agriculture, with additional household income coming from cash crops and surpluses in productive years. Gender inequality is an important feature of poverty in The Gambia and climate impacts are expected to disproportionately affect women.

National Response: The country’s intended nationally determined contributions outline key adaptation measures for transitioning to a low-carbon, resilient development pathway, including fiscal policy, public investments to green key sectors (agriculture, energy, water resources, waste management, etc.) and employing new market-based instruments. The Gambia is in a phase of rapid transition and needs support in paradigm change and the creation of efficient democratic institutions. Job creation and social inclusion are key to ensuring this goal.


The Gambia officially joined the LoCAL mechanism on October 2018 through the “Jobs, Skills and Finance (JSF) for Women and Youth Programme”. The JSF Programme is funded by the European Union (EU), co-piloted by UNCDF’s LoCAL and Youth Start initiatives. The JSF programme aims to contribute to stabilizing the economic, social and security situation of the country during the democratic transition by facilitating social inclusion and employment of youth and women, with a specific emphasis on promoting gender equality and addressing climate change.


43 Districts in 8 Areas

2,1 M People



Districts Engaged


Adaptation Investments



US $5,530,677

Budget Phase I

A dance is organised in the community during the evaluation and appraisal mission of the JSF programme in The Gambia ©UNCDF/LoCAL 2019

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Government Partners:

In Banjul, Gambia, LoCAL is implemented by the Ministry of Lands and Regional Governments (MoLRG) ; the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs(MoFEA).

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