Botswana Snapshot:

  • Year MAP began: 2014
  • Adult population: 1.3m
  • % adults use at least one regulated financial service: 68%
  • % adults use only unregulated financial services: 8%
  • % adults excluded: 20%

Botswana is large but with a small population and hence a very low overall population density. The population is increasingly urbanized – now 65% - and concentrated in and around Gaborone. Where the provision of financial services is concerned, the small population constrains scope for growth and economies of scale, while the large size of the country adds to distribution costs.

Based on the needs of the various target markets in Botswana, the following five priority areas were identified during the MAP diagnostic process:

  1. Improve the payments ecosystem
  2. Facilitate low-cost, accessible savings products
  3. Develop accessible risk mitigation products
  4. Improve the working of the credit market
  5. Develop pension provisions

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