Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo Snapshot:

  • Year MAP began: 2014
  • Adult population: 21.7m
  • % adults who have higher education: 11%
  • % adults use at least one formal financial service: 36%
  • % adults use only unregulated financial services: 12%
  • % adults excluded: 52%

Although the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) enjoyed a GDP growth of 8.5% in 2013 (IMF), DRC is a nation still mired in severe poverty, and one whose reputation is marred by political and economic instability. Among the Congolese access to infrastructure and the use of media channels is very low – just 25% of adults have electricity and only 8% used the internet in the past 12 months – the rates of savings and remittances are relatively high. The main barriers to financial inclusion in DRC are major development and infrastructure constraints, limited income and more pressing livelihood priorities, the unaffordability of current financial service offerings, and a pronounced lack of awareness of financial products.

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