Event Proceedings

The main objectives of the 2016 Workshop were to expose participants to cutting edge initiatives in branchless banking which will allow Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to reach deeper into rural areas, continue to create/solidify the foundations of a community of practice among MicroLead stakeholders established in previous events. The event placed a focus on Ghana, a country that has recently put in place a number of new laws, regulations and initiatives to help financial institutions better reach citizens through new mobile and technological products.

According to participants and the MicroLead team alike, the event was successful in achieving the following objectives:

  1. Creating the opportunity for face-to-face knowledge and experience sharing inside and outside the areas of practice of partners (i.e. bridge the understanding gap between MNOs, regulators and FSPs and the gaps among practitioners from diverse origins);
  2. Continuing to build the community of practice among grantees established in previous events that will have the potential to last beyond the individual programmes;
  3. Identifying key learnings from grantees and preparing for their wider dissemination (i.e. via published case studies);
  4. Exposing participants to innovations in digital and rural finance taking place in Ghana;
  5. Reviewing the progress made on 2015’s five-year strategy and the lessons learned so far, and;
  6. Sharing key takeaways from the mid-term evaluation and incorporating key recommendations in grantees’ work plans.

The proceedings from the event detail the main points taken from the interactive sessions, presentations by experts and partners, and the field trip to savings groups and branches of Sinapi Aba Savings and Loan. Click on the buttons below to read the full conference proceedings report and the workshop handout.

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