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UNDP and the UN System

UNCDF and UNDP were designed as complementary institutions in the mid-1960s and they work closely together within the framework set by the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review of UN operational activities for development.

The relationship with UNDP is rooted in the complementarity of the two organizations and aims at greater coherence, effectiveness and increased resource flows. Concerted efforts on the part of both organizations over the past planning period have resulted in strong synergies at the strategic, programmatic and operational level.

UNCDF’s development finance mandate is a natural counterpart to UNDP’s focus on technical assistance and capacity building. UNCDF shares UNDP’s governance and operational structures, and the two organizations cooperate on a wide range of programmes and initiatives throughout the LDCs.

UNCDF also collaborates with the wider group of UN development agencies, including ILO (micro-insurance), IFAD (remittances), UN Women (women’s economic empowerment), UNHCR (digital finance), UNCCD (climate change), UNSIF (blended finance) and UNOPS (financial inclusion).

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