UNHCR/UNCDF Joint programme for Financial Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced Persons and Host Communities

  • April 01, 2019

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This joint programme will intervene at the supply-side of the ecosystem by supporting providers operating in developing countries to reach refugee communities and other displaced populations, as well as host populations, with demand-driven, client-centric products, services and delivery channels. It will also address the demand side of financial inclusion for forcibly displaced persons and their host communities by developing, testing, and rolling out innovative educational tools to build refugees’ financial and digital capabilities.

The programme will also engage at the policy and regulatory level to understand country and regional policies which affect this population negatively, such as lack of identification papers, and work to address these issues. Lastly, the research and knowledge products produced during the programme will be available to all stakeholders, adding to the limited pool of financial inclusion data currently available for this target population.

The programme will offer grants, loans and technical assistance to a range of institutions serving these communities — public, private and NGO. Interventions will result in a demonstration effect, with additional institutions entering the market. The funds will also be invested in the market research and monitoring needed to ensure the success of the interventions.

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