#BankTheYouth Campaign

In 2017, in partnership with Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), YouthStart designed, developed and took the lead in the #BankTheYouth Campaign, the UNCDF advocacy Campaign aimed at advancing youth financial inclusion policy framework, empowering young people and increasing their awareness about responsible, accessible, and affordable finance for youth.

The initiative has promoted smart policies for youth financial inclusion and greater opportunities for economic empowerment and youth development. It encouraged coordinated efforts among numerous stakeholders at country and global level to advance best practices in financial inclusion and education for youth.

The three main objectives of the Campaign include:

  1. Developing a youth-friendly Legal and Regulatory Environment, by coordinating efforts with different stakeholders and regulatory bodies;
  2. Facilitating Appropriate and Accessible Financial Products to be designed in order to respond to the specific needs of young people;
  3. Advancing Youth Financial Capability, through financial literacy, skills training and entrepreneurship programs.

2017 has been an incredible pilot year! Here is what we have been able to achieve:

The UNCDF team would like to thank all the supporters of the #BankTheYouth Campaign – it has been an extremely productive year, and we hope to expand our network in the future.

With the end of the pilot year in December 2017, the #BankTheYouth Team is currently undertaking an evaluation process of the results, achievements and lessons learned of the pilot phase. The Campaign activities’ – collection of stories from the field, monthly messages – are currently on hold, but we encourage all Impact Champions and partners to keep advancing youth financial inclusion, by keep using the hashtag #BankTheYouth. We look forward to work again together in the near future!

For all questions, or if you know to know more about the Campaign and results it achieved in 2017, you can contact us at banktheyouth@uncdf.org and arianna.gasparri@uncdf.org.

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