CleanStart Connect 2013

CleanStart Connect 2013

CleanStart Connect 2013

Innovations in decentralized energy present unprecedented opportunities for businesses to serve the 'last mile' of the energy market. There is significant potential for market growth, but much more could be done to catalyze commercially viable businesses that offer value to low-income customers. How can we make this work and take the market to the next level?

Hosted by UNCDF, CleanStart Connect 2013 will bring together people, ideas and opportunities that are co-creating an energy market for the under-served segment. This event will focus on the role of finance in building an ecosystem for energy businesses to reach scale and impact

Specifically, it will consider the following themes:

  • End-user financing through loans and pay-as-you-go schemes;
  • Start-up/working capital for small-scale manufacturers/distributors; and
  • Financing growth of business models from "blueprint to scale"

CleanStart Connect 2013 brings around the table leading energy and financial service providers, investors, policy makers and development partners that are building an inclusive energy market in Asia and Africa to find answers to:

  • What greater financing choices can be offered to low-income customers?
  • What is needed to unleash financing throughout the energy supply chain?
  • How can different stakeholders be incentivized to make the ecosystem work?
  • What partnerships are expanding the market, and how can more be brokered and supported?
  • What ideas would benefit from further pilot testing or research?

Above all, CleanStart Connect is a space for participants to gain fresh ideas, make new connections and reaffirm they are part of a growing movement – one that offers a greater range of quality, affordable energy products and services to those at the last mile.

The event will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 25-26 November 2013 and is supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and UN Capital Development Fund. 

For more information, please contact:

Hee Sung Kim (Ms.)
Programme and Knowledge Management Analyst

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