UNCDF turns 50!

The UN Capital Development Fund turns 50!

UNCDF turns 50 in 2016, the very first year that the global community has been collectively called upon to step up to the challenge of achieving the SDGs. The history of UNCDF is more than the story of an agency’s growth from a small fund financing stand-alone capital infrastructure, to an organization with the unique role of testing new financial models to reach the ‘last mile’, helping public and private actors develop sustainable models to support growth that is inclusive and sustainable.


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UNCDF Experts Chat line. See what our experts have to say on development topics

Our experts respond to topics of interest. See what they have to say on women's economic empowerment, climate finance, youth finance, digital finance, food security and other development topics at the core of UNCDF's mission in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



Public-private partnerships have become a mainstay of growth and development for rich and poor countries alike.

Local Finance Initiative is designed to promote sustainable, inclusive and equitable growth in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) by developing local investment opportunities that can deliver transformative impact for financing by the private sector and preferably domestic capital markets. The design phase of the programme confirmed that domestic capital is not used to support small and medium-scale infrastructure development at the rural and sub-national level.



Over 2.7 billion people around the world do not use formal financial services.

MicroLead, a global initiative to support the development and roll-out of deposit services by regulated financial service providers, seeks to respond to the rural vacuum of services. MicroLead is working with a variety of FSPs and TSPs to reach rural markets with demand-driven, responsibly priced products offered via alternative delivery channels in combination with financial education so that customers not only have access but actually use quality services.


UNCDF Launches Last Mile Finance Trust Fund to Pilot and Scale up Innovative Finance Models

The Last Mile Finance Trust Fund is structured as a flexible funding vehicle for UNCDF to allocate resources through thematic windows related to LDC development opportunities and challenges.


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