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UNCDF Myanmar Quarter 1 2017 Newsletter

  • June 16, 2017

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As we embarked on the new year of 2017, UNCDF in Myanmar achieved a number of milestones in financial inclusion. January witnessed two workshops successfully held in Yangon, Myanmar – one on Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) with their over-indebtedness issue and another on the Customer Journey Data Analytics Training and Research. In February, UNCDF launched its Market Development Facility (MDF) with its first loan issued to Pyae Mahar Services Ltd. As of March, MicroLead programme exceeded its target, reaching 150,000 clients and continues acquiring new customers with an emphasis on women and the rural population. UNCDF’s strong support towards the Financial Inclusion Roadmap Implementation (FIRM) Plan 2017-2018, which also continues, in partnership with the Government of Myanmar, through development partners round table meetings and Inter-ministerial Steering Committee (IMSC) Meetings.

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