Financial Literacy Training Toolkit for Refugees

  • September 09, 2020

  • Kampala, Uganda

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), and PHB have developed a financial literacy training toolkit customized to meet the needs and realities of refugees and refugee hosting communities in Uganda.

Financial Literacy Training aims to improve resilience and self-reliance of refugees and ensure that they are better equipped to make sound financial decisions, effectively interact with financial service providers and achieve their financial goals. This toolkit was created using a human-centered design approach and uses a delivery mechanism that is relevant to their daily lives and livelihoods.

Financial literacy allows these communities to now have a combination of financial awareness, knowledge, skills, attitude and behavior necessary to make sound financial decisions and ultimately achieve individual financial wellbeing. The Financially Literacy Training covers the basic financial principles such as:

  • Saving your money
  • How and where to open an account
  • Keeping proper records of your financial transactions
  • How to access financial assistance

In June, the Financial Literacy 5-week training program in English and French, and the Implementation Guide for Financial Literacy Training Program for Refugees and Host Communities, were published. The first consists of four visually charged modules on financial literacy. That is, from financial literacy; it’s definitions and benefits; savings, financial goals, cash tracking, mobile money, and more. The latter consists of steps of training for trainers; mobilization, that is preparation and selection process, followed by group meetings to prepare for training; toolkit and training materials and training; and finally reporting. Monitoring and evaluations of the training.

UNCDF acknowledges the following organizations whose financial literacy curricula were consulted in the process of development of this toolkit:
- Global Financial Education Programme
- WorldFoodProgramme - Module2
- Dan Church Aid and MercyCorps’ Training on Financial Literacy
- AVSI and CareInternational’s Financial Education Manual
- VSLAssociates’ Programme Guide to Village Agents and Income Generating Activities
- GiZ’s Financial Literacy for Smallholder Farmers
- Finn ChurchAid’s Business Training Manual
- Bank of Uganda Financial Literacy curriculum

Download both full publications HERE.