Where we work

Yenlin De Silva
Fiji Country Coordinator

Krishnan Narasimhan
Lead Specialist and Programme Manager
Climate Risk Insurance

Narend Prasad
Investment Specialist
Joint Fiji Programme - Investing in Coral Reefs and the Blue Economy


UNCDF has been present in Fiji since 2008, improving digital access for financial services and allowing greater financial access in rural areas that see greatly benefit in low income households.

From 2008 to 2020, together with UNDP, UNCDF implemented the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP). The PFIP played a leading role in bringing about profound changes in the market, which resulted in almost 3 Million Pacific Islanders accessing financial services.

The success of PFIP helped position UNCDF as the agency with a wide network and extensive knowledge on financial, digital financial and digital services and products, and today, under the umbrella of UNCDF’s “Leaving no one behind in the Digital Era Strategy” our programming agenda in the Pacific include:

  • The Pacific Digital Economy Programme (PDEP)

PDEP is a joint programme between UNCDF, UNDP and UNCTAD, aiming to closely collaborate with key public and private sector stakeholders to support the development of inclusive digital economies in the Pacific. Programme activities will be focused across 11 Paciifc countries including Fiji. The aim is to develop inclusive digital economies to enhance the market participation of rural communities, women and MSMEs, as well as seasonal workers, resulting in poverty reduction, improved livelihoods and economic growth. The Programme is funded by Governments of Australia and New Zealand and the European Union.

  • The Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme (PICAP)

UNCDF is bringing its expertise in promoting Financial Inclusion and Resilient Local Development together with UNDP and UNU-EHS through MCII to support climate change and natural disaster risk management though the Pacific Insurance Climate Adaptation Programme. The overall objective is to improve the financial preparedness and resilience of Pacific Islanders, specifically vulnerable segments of society and economic sectors, towards climate change and natural hazards. More information on PICAP can be found HERE.

  • Digital Finance for Resilience

UNCDF in Fiji also supports a new partnership with the European Union. The European Commission, together with the Organization of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), has signed an initiative of €14.5 million with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) to unlock the potential of digital finance to benefit more than 600,000 women, youth and entrepreneurs across African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. More information on this initiative can be found HERE.

  • Blended Finance

The Global Fund for Coral Reefs--a blended finance vehicle that supports business models that support coral reef preservation--has capitalized several investments in Fiji, with UNCDF playing the role of providing concessional financing.



Our Team

Suva, Fiji

Yenlin De Silva
Fiji Country Coordinator

Krishnan Narasimhan
Programme Manager
Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme

Narend Prasad
Investment Specialis
Joint Fiji Programme - Investing in Coral Reefs and the Blue Economy