Where We Work

Where we work

Where we work

More than 20 countries have joined up to use the LoCAL mechanism, recognising its value in delivering climate finance and adaptation investment where it’s needed – the local level.

The three LoCAL phases

  • PHASE I: PILOTING involves initiating LoCAL in 2 to 4 local governments over 1-2 cycles of investments, collecting lessons and fine-tuning the mechanism.
  • PHASE II: CONSOLIDATING involves expanding and demonstrating LoCAL effectiveness at a larger scale, typically in at least 5–10 local governments
  • PHASE III: SCALING-UP is a national roll-out based on the results of the previous phases and lessons learned. LoCAL is gradually extended nationwide with domestic and international climate finance and becomes the national system for channelling adaptation finance to the local level.

LoCAL launched in Bhutan and Cambodia in 2011, scaling up to become a global mechanism in 2014.

For more information contact us here: LoCAL.Facility@gmail.com

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