2014 Partner Workshop

MicroLead Expansion (MLE), an UNCDF programme, hosted its first knowledge sharing event in Kigali, Rwanda. The three-day workshop facilitated the sharing of experiences among financial inclusion partners of the programme from the South. The objective of the workshop was to leverage on learnings from all Financial Service Providers (FSP) and Technical Service Providers (TSP) supported by the programme.

“Sharing knowledge among our grantees and partners is essential to our programme. Each of our grantees is exploring new territories and is gathering along the road precious learnings that can be shared with other partners,” said Pamela Eser, Global MicroLead Advisor at UNCDF. “This first workshop is part of a series of exchange events that will take place over the course of our programme.”

The working sessions of this workshop revolved around three main topics: product development, branchless banking and youth financial services, with international experts leading and facilitating the sessions. All 22 partners represented operate with a focus on rural markets, women and alternative delivery channels.

You can find workshop materials by clicking the links below:

General Workshop Information

Youth Financial Services

Branchless Banking

Product Diversification: Report on Session with Annexes

Photo Gallery

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