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MicroLead Expansion Myanmar is a 7 million dollar programme bringing leading financial service providers to Myanmar, where they become market leaders, crowd-in additional investment and positively influence the development of the microfinance and cooperative sectors. The project exceeded its outreach target by nearly 100% and is currently reaching more than 200,000 clients across 6 states & regions - the overwhelming majority of whom are women in rural areas.

A core component of MicroLead Expansion is its knowledge management dimension in which case studies, policy briefs and other research were conducted by UNCDF and its partner institutions. The research aims to further understand the financial behavior of low-income earners and explore constraints and opportunities on the supply side. This contributes to a wider pool of knowledge intended to guide sector development in a sustainable manner aligned with financial inclusion objectives.

This page also contains knowledge management and communications material related to other components of UNCDF's work in Myanmar, serving a similar function.

Case Studies

Funding Challenges for the Microfinance Sector in Myanmar (April 2015)

This paper explores the funding challenges that both national and international microfinance institutions face in Myanmar. It explains how they are currently funded, identifies core constraints and presents possible solutions.

Fostering Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Myanmar (Jul 2015)

This paper showcases the successful Asia-wide model implemented by the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), demonstrating how savings-led cooperatives can benefit the Myanmar cooperative sector.

Financial Service Providers and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Myanmar (Nov 2015)

This paper showcases how leading FSPs in Myanmar are currently contributing to Women economic empowerment by examining their product offerings and customer-centric initiatives; particularly, focuses on private commercial banks.

Savings Mobilization in Myanmar: Opportunities and Challenges (Jan 2016)

This paper focuses on the opportunities and challenges of mobilising savings deposits in Myanmar. It analyses critical inhibitors and identifies relevant implications for financial service providers, especially microfinance institutions.

A Study on Micro Insurance Feasibility and the Way Forward for Alliance (Mar 2016)

This study is to discuss the feasibility of providing Micro Insurance products in Myanmar from Alliance’ s prospective. To explore the opportunities to provide Micro Insurance for the target clients in Microfinance institution, Alliance conducted a research to assess the demand of their selected clients and identify the customer priorities, willingness and affordability.

ASA Microfinance Myanmar Limited: A Successful Model (Apr 2016)

This paper showcases the successful Asia-wide model implemented by the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), demonstrating how savings-led cooperatives can benefit the Myanmar cooperative sector.

Alliance: Savings Research Report (Jun 2016)

Alliance, one of UNCDF Myanmar's MicroLead partners, is looking to add a savings product to its current offering. This paper investigates the current savings landscape in the Mandalay region to form a basis for product development.

Policy Briefs

Microfinance for Poverty Alleviation in Myanmar (May 2014)

An overview of the structure, principles, evolution and impact of microfinance, and its application in Myanmar. It explores the microfinance methodology, key concepts, relevant policies and challenges in the broader context of financial inclusion.

Agriculture Value Chain Finance in Myanmar: A Role for UNCDF (Apr 2016)

A well-integrated agriculture value chain would bring economic and social benefit to many stakeholder groups. This requires appropriate financial products, which are not currently available, giving UNCDF an opportunity to intervene.

The Need for Formal Financial Sector Savings in Myanmar and Options for Development Partner Engagement (Dec 2016)

This Policy Brief explores the crucial role of formal-financial sector savings in Myanmar for economic growth and socio-economic emancipation, and analyses how development partners can best engage.

FX-Denominated Offshore Debt Finance for Microfinance Institutions in Myanmar: Regulations & Procedures (Dec 2016)

This brief is intended to help international financial institutions that have the potential to finance MFI growth to find their way in a new regulatory and procedural environment, and open up discussion between stakeholders in MFI debt financing.

MFIs and Mobile Phones: A Powerful Combination for Myanmar? (Feb 2017)

There has been great progress in the regulatory environment allowing for unleashing the potential of mobile financial services. This paper illustrates some issues that require further clarification, and presents existing opportunities.

Client Experiences

Alliance: Life Stories and Financial Education Demand Research in Mandalay Region (Jan 2016)

This life stories research was undertaken with the purpose of gathering relevant information about client demand for financial services and financial education, to inform a suitable path for future product development for Alliance.

ACCU: Experiences of Savings and Credit Cooperative Members (May 2017)

The Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) is one of UNCDF Myanmar's three MicroLead partners. This publication shares some of the transformational experiences of cooperative members in Ayeyarwady and Bago regions.

Other Publications

ACCU: New Approach Building Sustainable Savings and Credit Co-operatives in Myanmar (Sep 2015)

These are the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Union's guidelines for Developing Successful, Strong and Viable Savings & Credit Cooperatives as part of greenfielding operations in Myanmar.

Report: National Seminar on Financial Inclusion (ACCU) (Dec 2016)

This seminar brought in key personnel from the credit union networks of Australia, Canada, Nepal, Vietnam, Germany and the Philippines to share experiences on institutionalisation, strengthening and regulation of financial cooperatives.

ACCU Training Report: Framework for Growth and Sustainability of Cooperatives in Myanmar (Jun 2017)

The Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) hosted this workshop as part of its capacity-building role, reviewing cooperative development strategy and the existing training programs and supports to cooperatives.

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